West Linn Repair Fair

What happens when someone thinks Repair Fair is cool and wants one in their community? They make it happen (with a little help from friends, of course!).  Lisa, a Master Recycler in Clackamas County, heard about Repair Fair and thought the Robinhood Station Community  Center would be the perfect place to hold an event.

She contacted Repair Fair and asked, “How can I make this happen?”.  We talked.  I sent her template and image files as well as a “How To…” guide.  We promoted the event and recruited a couple of our knowledgeable volunteers to help out at the event.  She basically did the rest.  From recruiting volunteer fixers, advertising to her community, to securing the location and printing out the signs and forms – she did “make it happen” and West Linn got their first Repair Fair event.

Ten repairers mended clothing, fixed computers, jewelry, small appliances

and bicycles.  they even had someone sharpening garden tools. Other volunteers (including more Master Recyclers) registered items and made the event flow. Repairers were encouraged by the positive response. This was an ideal community-building event and 55 items, from lamps and toaster ovens to watches and pruners, were fixed up.

Special thanks to support and raffle items from Clackamas County and food and beverages donated from Cedaroak Starbucks and Market of Choice.

Want to hold a Repair Fair in your community? Let us know.