Fixer Volunteers

Thank you for sharing your time and skills with the Repair Fair community! Please read the following prior to the event.

If you are unable to make the event, please email RepairFairOregon.org so we can plan accordingly. On the day of the event:

  • Arrive about 30 minutes before the start of the event to get set up and oriented. If you are a pro and don’t have much to set up, arrive 10-15 minutes ahead.
  • Complete a liability waiver/volunteer agreement when you arrive.
  • Grab your nametag.
  • Find a spot at the venue and get comfy. I do an orientation about 15 minutes before the event starts.
  • Enjoy available refreshments.

What to bring

Fixer volunteers generally bring their own tools. It is common, however, for volunteers to share tools among each other and the event coordinators will sometimes have spare parts and tools. See the list below. So don’t worry about bringing your whole workshop. However, we rely on the fact that the fixers have specialized knowledge of repair and likely know more about tools and parts they would need to fix the items they are comfortable with than the coordinators.

What to expect

Each attendee must visit the registration table first before having their item repaired. If an attendee approaches you without a repair ticket, please send them back to the registration table. When they have filled out a repair ticket, their items are set on the HOLD table. Fixer volunteers can choose the items they are most comfortable with trying to fix.

  1. Each item has a repair ticket. In order to ensure that each attendee can have at least one item seen to, attendees are only allowed to bring a maximum of two items to an event.
  2. Once you are done with an item, please complete the information on the back of the ticket with the final state of the items: “repaired”, “in progress” or “not fixed”. Any additional detail is also helpful such as what the issue was, how it was fixed, what parts are needed or why it isn’t repairable. We will use this information to help develop the Repair Fair program in the future.
  3. Return the ticket to the registration table or ask attendee to do so before they leave.
  4. Then it is on to the next item on the HOLD table.

NOTE: Fixer volunteers can certainly use their discretion and refuse to work on an item. Repair Fair makes no guarantees that an item will be repaired. If you are unsure if an item can be fixed, please find another fixer volunteer for a confirmation. As in most things, one person might have that unique experience or specialized knowledge about something specific that lets them figure out a fix.

Prohibited items include things like gas powered equipment, chainsaws or any other item that could pose a danger to volunteers or attendees.

Tools and Parts

  • If you need a tool, ask your fellow fixers or the event monitors.  We may have spare tools/parts.
  • We accept donations from attendees.  If there are parts or a tool that you think would be helpful in the future, let me know and will find it.
  • If the item needs a replacement part, you can tell the participant what is needed and they can leave to buy the part and return to the event for the next step.  Or they can bring the item back to the next repair event.