July 22, 2017 Repair Fair

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Repair Fair Logo

Repair Fair @ Beaverton City Library

time: 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

address: 12375 SW Fifth St. Beaverton, OR 97005




Volunteer fixer folks that will be at this event

Travis: small furniture repair; mechanical issues such with carts, garden tools, etc.

Mark: leatherwork, mending/sewing, sewing machine troubleshooting/repair and other precision-mechanical repairs.

Heidi: mending and machine sewing

Mark: appliances, electrical, mechanical, bikes

Jason: clocks, vintage radios, various precision mechanical items, electronics


Attention Fixer Volunteers! Below are the items that are signed up for Repair Fair. Please review and let me know if you need more information about the items before they are brought to the event.


Toaster: Sunbeam

Issue: Toast color control slider detached inside the appliance. The piece appears to be intact but has come unattached from a lever inside.  Tried to open to fix it myself but couldn’t find a way in.

Fixer comments: These are usually made of Bakelite and if it’s cracked off we need all the pieces, then perhaps epoxy will affect a repair. If it just slipped off it’s an easy fix since it just presses onto a metal tab inside. There might be a metal spring that locks it in place. A photo of the problem area would help.

Waffle Iron

Issue: Connection broken between upper and lower elements

Fixer comments: This connection would be broken in the hinge area, a point of high flexing stress. That wire is high temp and will require a high temp crimp connector to fix.

Camera: Canon digital rebel EPS 300D Camera DS6041


Fixer comments: Need more information in order to formulate a plan to diagnose/repair


Vacuum: Hoover-F6215-SteamVac-Agility carpet cleaner

Issue: Motor burned out; will bring replacement part

Fixer comments:

Vacuum: Black +Decker CHV1510 DustBuster 15.6 volt Cordless Cyclonic Hans


Fixer comments: Need to know need to know symptoms. If it’s just weak this uses NiCad batteries which people often leave on the charger which eventually kills the batterys. Does it power up? If so, does it overheat or make a weird sound or not produce suction?

Vacuum: Hoover Windtunnel UH70120

Issue: The power cord doesn’t rewind. I believe that the cord must have been pulled out past the stop and now no longer rewinds when the pedal is activated.

Fixer comments: need to open it up to see what the problem is. I have seen these completely burn up. Does it run? If so, her analysis is probably right.

Small Bookcase (TBD)


Issue: needs new elastic (on the backside), as the old elastic broke.

Fixer comments: will need that special elastic cord that’s used in these bracelets. The owner should find cord at Michaels or Craft Warehouse and bring with bracelet on Saturday.


Lamp: IKEA desk lamp with halogen bulb and hi/low setting

Issue: Does not power on. I have replaced the bulb. It’s my favorite lamp.

Fixer comments: Halogen lamps tend to burn out their bulb holders. Otherwise it’s the switch. Is it 120 VAC or 12 VDC/AC? If either, we’ll need to test the voltage at the switch and lamp housing and check the condition of the lamp holder.


Cuisinart 12 cup food processor CFP 24BCPC

Issue: It doesn’t turn on when I press the “on” button. this happened once before. someone opened up the bottom, couldn’t see anything obvious wrong, put it back together and viola it worked, for a while, now it stopped working again.

Fixer comments: first thing would be to check the operation of the interlock/safety switch. Suspected because it started working after being taken apart once before.


KitchenAid Stand Mixer KSM90WH

Issue: No longer has variable speed. one speed only, very fast.

Fixer comments: KitchenAid Stand mixer – Does it exhibit the symptoms described here:


Krups toaster

Issue: Toaster does not heat up

Fixer comments: Model Number?


KRUPS Ultra ProChef toaster oven

Issue: Handle fell off

Fixer Comments: can they supply a close up picture of the way the handles attach and what broke. Thinking of drilling out and replacing the broken plastic mounting area with moldable epoxy and redrilling the mounting holes and reattaching. Do they have the screws?

Coleman lantern

Issue: recharged battery and tried new light bulb tubes, still doesn’t work

Fixers comments: Did the battery take a charge? Tested with a meter? NiCad battery?





Below is what we have for the next event

Heather is bringing

  • Spade/Ring terminals and various connectors
  • Masking tape
  • Analog multimeter
  • Klein wire strippers (10-18 AWG; 10-20 AWG copper)
  • Scissors
  • Alien multitool for bikes and chain-breaker
  • 10w 120v glue gun; Glues E6000/elmers/super
  • Jewelry: Beading pliers, small/med jump rings
  • Precision phillips and slotted screwdrivers
  • grommets
  • a few different fuses
  • Sewing: Size 3 hooks, eyes and loops, various threads, snaps, 1/2″ elastic, tack buttons for jeans/pants, various zipper
  • Iron board