Three Repair Fairs close out 2017

Let’s talk Repair Fairs! There were 3 great ones to close out 2017. It is hard to believe it has almost been 3 years since the first one in 2015.

At the December Robinhood Station Repair Fair in West Linn 45 people brought 62 items including lamps, CD players, stand mixer, leaf blower, vacuum cleaner, wooden chair, jewelry, and various items of clothing. Volunteers also sharpened knives, scissors and tools.

One the westside, Repair Fair volunteers popped up at the Garden Home Sustainability Fair in October to help fix more than 20 items. That is a 30% fix rate and considering our slim volunteer crew – a super job all around. It was also fun to share the evening with other organizations focused on various sustainability topics such as New Seasons, Brooks Design Services, Grocery Getter Organic, Eco Shuttle, Happy Baby Food, ecobinary, Reduce Your Waste project, Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling, H20 at Home, Umpqua Bank and others.

Then in November we held a Repair Fair at the Sherwood Library – our first time in the south part of Washington County! Welcome to the new fixer volunteers – Cam and Wendell!



It is always nice to hear folks express gratitude for efforts of the volunteers even if their items could not be repaired that day. Sometimes it takes the right fixer at the right time or perhaps the fix requires a little additional homework by the owner.

One of the goals of these events is to keep good items in use so their owners don’t need to toss them in the landfill and buy a new item. As of this newsletter, more than 2,000 pounds of stuff has been repaired at westside events – plus hundreds of additional pounds when you include the Clackamas County events.

Special thanks to Garden Home Community Library, the Sherwood Public Library, Clackamas County, Friends of Robinwood Station, the City of West Linn and of course – the amazing volunteers that share their time and experience in the pursuit of fixing what is broken.