The first Lake Oswego Repair Fair – a huge success!

The first Lake Oswego Repair Fair was a major success! More than 140 items came through the fair. Of those, only 44 items couldn’t be fixed, 83 items were

repaired, and 14 more are in progress. It was the most-attended Repair Fair event in Clackamas County to date. Some of the more interesting items included a model car, stuffed animals, a Roomba, and ceramic fountain. A favorite fix for one of the repairers was the clasp on a little girl’s pizza charm necklace. All her friends had the same necklace, and when put together, they formed a full pizza—except they hadn’t been able to form the full pizza while the clasp was broken.

There was also a Styrofoam drive at the event!

The Repair Fair was supported by the Lake Oswego Sustainability Network, Master Recyclers, and staff from Clackamas County, the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center, and the Lake Oswego Public Library. Food for the volunteers was donated by New Seasons. Thank you volunteers!