Thank You Notes….

After several years of running these repair events, it still makes me smile to see people helping other people out – even strangers – although they often stop being strangers after an event or two! And it is more than just fixing “things”. Sure, repair keeps “things” in good use rather than trashed or scrapped – which is a no-brainer if you are at all into using resources wisely.

And it certainly is a big help when a “thing” breaks after a couple years and you are told “Just get a new a new one. It’s only $35 at such and such store”. But your wallet tells you that dropping an unnecessary $35 is not that same for everyone and often not a painless option.

But repair also means that treasured items – a gift from a loved one, a rare find at a flea market, an item brought from another place reminding someone of an amazing trip, or simply something that “they don’t make like they used to” – get a new life instead of gathering dust in the back of a closet.

Below are some of the messages of thanks we received last month from people that have been helped at Repair Fair. If you’d like to add to this list, submit your message here.

Thank you guys! You guys were awesome! I want to give special thanks to Heather and Mark!! They saved my dress!!! 🙂

Fixed the chain on my cuckoo clock. Now is working just fine, and cuckoo’s when appropriate. Thank you.

Thank you so much to: Richard for repairing a clock radio and gluing broken pottery back together; Travis for fixing a picture frame, gluing a ceramic dragon back together, re-gluing the sole on a shoe, and helping fix a broken office chair; Maureen who turned cat-chewed curtains into valances; Wendy and Heidi for sewing on buttons; Mark and Jason who repaired various jewelry items; Various folks who helped rip out and replace the zipper in a blue rain jacket; Also those whose names I forgot to record who mended a cloth tote bag, restrung a new clasp on a turquoise and sterling necklace, repaired the strap of a black dress, and hemmed and repaired the seam of a lined skirt

They helped me put together a very awkward heavy office chair, that I couldn’t do myself, and fixed/sewed a tricky broken seam in a book bag that was a favorite of my daughter. I felt frustrated that I couldn’t do these things by myself. At first I thought people would bring “old junk” to be repaired (and maybe they do). But I saw that many other people brought things that had special meaning to them, too. which goes above and beyond just fixing an appliance. They were repairing our treasures.

Thank you to the volunteers who helped fix our sewing machine and gave us a tip on how to fix our miter saw. We really appreciate their time and help.

By sewing, and thus, repairing, various garments. Thank you!

To the person who fixed my boots: thanks so much for not only extending the life of my shoes, but for teaching me about taking care of them, too!

I am very grateful for the repair fair volunteers and especially have to thank the volunteers for fixing my son’s new bike, which needed repair after he fell and dented it.