Repair Fair at the ReStore


Hot dog! More than 60 items were brought in for repair at the May Repair Fair. A new record. We saw space heaters, vacuums, lamps, clocks, toaster ovens and lots of clothing.

Our 12 energetic volunteers made it all happen in a matter of 3 hours. They even agreed to a group photo! …Although I didn’t quite catch everyone in this shot. Next time….


We love visiting with Repair Fair regulars and meeting new folks. And of course figuring out how to fix broken things.


Mark diagnosing a sewing machine.




Heidi did some quick work on mending textiles.  David and Richard saw to several vacuums and clocks.

David checks the continuity on an older vacuum motor.

One couple brought in a refurbished sewing machine that wasn’t stitching correctly.  They had been told they might as well purchase a new one.  We can’t have that.  After some adjusting, it seems to be working just fine now.


And the repair of the day goes to Travis and a metal hand cart.  One of the cool things about having a Repair Fair at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore is that sometimes replacement parts are just down the aisle.


After removing the casters from a couple wheels he found on a shelf, he figured out how to install them on this metal cart which was previously un-rollable because of a busted wheel. Clever fix Travis!




A real righty-loosey, lefty-tighty situation.

…some bolts and screws are reverse threaded?  Things like fans or bicycle pedals may thread the opposite of what you’d expect so that the motion of the object won’t inadvertently unscrew the nut. Also, apparently, the case on some older Chrysler wheel lugs.



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  • February 16, 2017 at 5:41 pm

    Chrysler used LH threads on the Driver side up until 1970. Most bike pedals still have LH threads on the left foot…to keep the forward motion from loosening the bolt.

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