1. When and where are Repair Fairs?
Our group of volunteers put on the first Repair Fair May 2015 in Beaverton, Oregon.   Between Repair Fair events and RepairPDX’s Repair Cafes, we hope to grow the repair community so that nearly every month there is at least one repair event happening somewhere in the Portland/Metro area including Washington, Clackamas, Multnomah Counties and even beyond.

Depending on availability of volunteers and venues. Repair Fairs are generally held at a public venue with adequate lighting and access to electrical outlets. Examples are libraries, community centers, senior centers, businesses, and schools.

Interested in volunteering, hosting or running your own event?  Contact us at RepairFairOregon@gmail.com to find out how.

2. What kinds of household items can I bring to the Repair Fair?
Depending on the expertise of the fixer volunteers at any particular event and the venue,
attendees can bring items such as computers, electronics, small appliances, clothes, jewelry,
bikes, and electric lawn mowers.

3. How many broken items can I bring to the Repair Fair?
Depending on how popular certain repair event are, there may be a limit to the number of items one person can bring at one event.  Repair event coordinators may also limit  the number of items that one person can have examined at a time.  After each item is seen to, the attendee must return to the registration table to be matched with another fixer volunteer. While you’re waiting, have a friendly conversation with your neighbors.

4. Who are fixers?
Fixers are volunteers who are skilled at repairing household items. The team of fixers at the Repair Fair has a variety of expertise, from appliances, electronics, appliances, furniture, clothes, jewellery to books, among others. If you know of someone that would like to lend their skills, please have them contact Repair Fair at RepairFairOregon@gmail.com.

5. What kind of help can I expect from a fixer?
Your fixer will help make a diagnosis for the item, they may show you how to repair your item and work with you to get it fixed. Or you can request advice and guidance and carry out the repair yourself. He or she will help you learn basic skills by sharing his or her expertise and demonstrating how you can gradually repair broken items on your own.

6. Is there any cost involved on repairs at the Repair Fair?
The event coordination and the repair work is carried out by volunteers and is free of charge for attendees. Donations of parts (plugs, fuses, zippers) or $$ are very much appreciated to keep the website up and running and for purchasing parts or tools in the future.

7. Will it be safe to make these repairs?
All fixers are knowledgeable with regard to the safe use of their tools and area of expertise.

8. Can I visit the Repair Fair if I have nothing to repair?
Yes, you can hang out, see how these events work and watch repair in action.