Hillsboro Library Repair Fair highlights

What a great Repair Fair! Thanks to the Hillsboro Library staff for hosting this event in such a nice space and providing some goodies to snack on. We have such a great group of volunteers. They were able to take a look at more than 60 items – and 35 of the items left the event working again! I bet their owners were pretty happy to be able use their stuff again. A couple new fixer volunteers joined us and were able to lend their expertise with electronics repair, sewing and jewelry repair- welcome Kathleen and Eric!

And of course the fabulous volunteers that have been with us for many a Repair Fair spent the afternoon fixing clothing irons, a weather radio, books, a coffee grinder, dehydrator, a fan, a lamp, mustache trimmer, an umbrella, clothing and a clock among other items.


If you are interested in being a part of this crew, fixing little bits of the world one event at a time, stop on by the next event and check it out!