Garden Home Sustainability Fair

Each October, Repair Fair joins the Garden Home Sustainability Fair event with other organizations like Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling, Washington County Bicycle Transportation Coalition, Depave, Full Circle, Sunbridge Solar, Indow Windows, econstruction, Eco Shuttle, Urban Beekeepers, Victory Seed Company, Forth Oregon, Green Living Journal, Happy Baby Food, New Seasons Market, Tualatin Riverkeepers, River West Village, Tualatin Hills Nature Park and New Seasons Market.

About 25 people brought in 40 items to be repaired including a gaggle of lamps, a few radios and stereo receivers, several skirts, bags and a sewing machine. The volunteers also saw to a wooden silverware drawer, a chair and a couple figurines. Half the items brought in were fixed and their happy owners won’t need to replace those items – keeping items out of the landfill and reducing the negative environmental impact of making new stuff.

Welcome to Robin, one of our new volunteers and THANK YOU, as always, to the skilled and generous volunteers that make repair happen! Also, a round of applause to the Garden Home Library staff for hosting and bringing all the organizations together so that folks can learn about loads of ways they can live well and contribute to a healthier environment.