First time fixing things in Forest Grove

Every once in a while we get the KitchenAide mixers is for repair/maintenance.

Repair Fair volunteers had a good turnout for the first repair event to be held in Forest Grove. We had 8 volunteers help over 20 people get their items repaired. Welcome to four new volunteers to the Repair Fair team – Kadie, Adriana, Stephanie and Andrew. Thank you to everyone that helped out and to the Forest Grove Library for hosting us!

Barry re-positions the chain on this cuckoo clock.


An extension cord gets a new plug
Cecelia teaches folks about recycling and waste prevention – and provides the music
This vintage vacuum gets a new set of wheels
A Sony receiver gets its plugs reattached.
This fan just needed its bearings oiled up to keep it from squeaking.
A socket replacement will help keep this lamp going for years to come.