3-D printing makes gives repair a boost

Have you ever tried to fix something, a coffee maker or a piece of furniture, only to find the item is perfectly fine except for one small part. But finding replacement parts seems to be mission impossible these day. Often retail stores, the manufacturer or repair shops do not have access to the part or it seems far more expensive to repair than simply by new. Heidi, a volunteer with Repair Fair, found herself with a set of glass tables that were made unusable because several plastic tabs that held the glass in place were broken – she searched high and low but could not find replacements.

3-D printing has stepped in to help DIYers and people concerned about the issues with the cycle of consumption and disposal of thousands of items every day that could have been repaired. Travis, a long time volunteer with Repair Fair, and Brendan from the Hillsboro Library printed up the parts that Heidi needed for the tables using the library’s 3-D printer.

Interested in more? The Hillsboro Library’s Collaboratory has classes and open labs. Thingiverse has plans for many replacement parts to help repair folks fix there items when replacement parts are tough to come by.

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