Oct 4 – Garden Home

Repair Fair @ the Garden Home Sustainability Fair at Garden Home Community Center

7475 SW Oleson Rd, Portland, OR 97223

time: 5pm – 7:30pm

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Walkman stern cassette Cordero WM-R-15 It won’t play. None of the buttons will make the tape move. Yes! I’ve changed the batteries
Two pairs of sweatpants to be hemmed for my 84-year-old dad Two pairs of sweatpants to be hemmed for my 84-year-old dad

Approx 28” long duffel tote luggage piece made of nylon and plastic with plastic zipper on top and thick cottony carry handles.


Son’s much loved and used tote has ripped and shredded away from the intact top zipper either side of zipper, and handles on one side of tote are ripping away from the zipper as well. He doesn’t care if it looks terrible when repaired as long as it is all brought back together and can be used for travel again.
Samsonite computer backpack made of polyester/ nylon, blue black and grey. Broken black nylon zipper on front pouch. Sews onto the poly nylon backpack fabric. Don’t know if it needs a new zipper or if this can be repaired. May likely need a new zipper. Approx length of zipper is 24-25”.
Naida Hedgepeth Repair of clothing item