Oct 4 – Garden Home

Repair Fair @ the Garden Home Sustainability Fair at Garden Home Community Center

7475 SW Oleson Rd, Portland, OR 97223

time: 5pm – 7:30pm

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Registration has closed – we do not have enough volunteers for this event to handle more items. Please check the calendar for future repair events.

Volunteers signed up for this event

Registration table/hold table/floater: Robin C, Meg C, Cam C and Kim R

Electronics (DVD player, CD player, radio, watches, etc): Richard, Jason N, Mark G, John, Hugh

Small appliances (blenders, vacuums, heaters, fans, etc): Richard, Jim C, Hugh, John, Mark G, Tom

Precision mechanical (clocks, watches, typewriters, etc): Richard, Jason N, Hugh, Tom

Computer, mobile devices (software and/or hardware): Richard, Mark, John, Hugh

Lamps: Richard, Jim C, Hugh, John, Mark G, Tom

Small furniture: Sue W, Richard, Tom

Musical instruments: Hugh, Jason N

Jewelry: Richard, Jennifer N (also gluing of various things)

Sewing/mending: Sue W, Mark VW and Heidi L

Sewing machines and leather goods: Mark VW

Sewing/mending items pre-registered for this event (and zippers)

vest needs to be taken in a little on the sides
Two pairs of sweatpants to be hemmed for my 84-year-old dad Two pairs of sweatpants to be hemmed for my 84-year-old dad

Samsonite computer backpack made of polyester/ nylon, blue   black and grey.

Broken black nylon zipper on front pouch. Sews onto the poly nylon backpack fabric. Don’t know if it needs a new zipper or if this can be repaired. May likely need a new zipper. Approx length of zipper is 24-25”.

pocket of men’s jacket needs to be resewn onto jacket Inside pocket of jacket was attached to the jacket by velco. Velco no longer holds the pocket to the jacket. Need the pocket sewed to jacket.
pair of slacks need hemming
linen pants They need to be hemmed
Jan Sport backpack Zippers need tightening
Girl’s Nike jacket Zipper pull broke off. Can’t attach new one b/c the slide on the zipper also broke. (I will email pics)
Columbia sports wear jacket Jacket Pocket zipper needs to be replaced or repaired

Button down shirt

Has a tear that needs to be sewed

Approx 28” long duffel tote luggage piece made of nylon and plastic with plastic zipper on top and thick cottony carry handles.

Son’s much loved and used tote has ripped and shredded away from the intact top zipper either side of zipper, and handles on one side of tote are ripping away from the zipper as well. He doesn’t care if it looks terrible when repaired as long as it is all brought back together and can be used for travel again.

Appliances and lamps

Portable AC- DeLonghi 4 in 1 Making a loud noise when the cooler turns on. May be the fan
Instant Pot’s Lid The gasket holder (metal) is detached from the inside of the lid (metal).
Heater Everstar small portable- rabbit chewed into power cord
Vacuum cleaner, lamp Vacuum power going on and off, lamp not working,
Baby Lock 5260 serger The thread from the left needle is not included in the chain stitch. It’s still able to sew on fabric, but I’m sure it’s not set up correctly.
Lighted makeup mirror Lights stopped working. Not sure if it needs new bulbs that could be replaced, or if it’s a different problem.
Miele Monte Verde S538; HS05 vacuum cleaner suddenly went dead. No sound, no smells. Stark vacuum said sounds like either the motor or the cord.
Vitamix blender Replaced drive socket already but blender still doesn’t run smoothly at high speed. Suspect something inside is off balance/damaged.
Vintage Kord Oscillating Fan Cat #D-12 X The switch to turn it on and off no longer works. It turns without resistance and nothing happens.
Wexford portable heater fan (model CT-001HF) Heating element has recently stopped working (but the fan setting still works).
Table Lamp Lamp works for a while then the light flickers off and on
Table top lamp The switch is broken
Sharp vacuum cleaner and pair of pants – repair snap on button Sharp vacuum cleaner and pair of pants – repair snap on button
Rowenta toaster Toast won’t pop up

Phillips four-slice toaster

It just quit. When plugged it it won’t allow the toaster lever to work so bread can be lowered to start toasting process.

Kitchenaid Electric Kettle KEK122PT


It no longer turns on

Hair Dryer – Conair 1875W (model 124P)

No longer turns on. I think this is related to the plug. The test & reset buttons don’t do anything.

FIXED! Hamilton Beach Flex brew single serve coffee maker

The water/steam does not come up and flow thru the coffee grounds. The water does get hot
Honeywell fan, TurboForce, 8″diam. Does not turn on. I plug it in and nothing works. No symptoms the last time that I used it.
Induction cooker I have 2 of these (different brands) and both seem to have issues with the circuit – they don’t turn on.
Floor lamp Stained glass shade has separated from the top.
Floor lamp. Just doesn’t turn on. It’s just 2 years old.
Bionaire model BPF1140 Won’t oscillate
Black and Decker cordless hand vaccum, BDH2000L, CHV1410L Won’t hold charge for very long at all. Battery issue?
A floor lamp. The switch will not work
Update – Will not be coming: A handheld mixer Motor will not run maybe it needs oiling?

Electronics, computer, video, audio

Bose Wave Radio CD was stuck. I got it out – but something is now misaligned – CDs won’t “intake”. I also have a 3-CD changer (which I don’t really care about), but it’s got a couple of CDs stuck in it – in case someone wants to take that on!!
Dell laptop Makes weird sound when turn on happened after I cleaned keyboard
Jamo CD player The CD tray cannot stay closed.
Walkman stern cassette Cordero WM-R-15 It won’t play! None of the buttons will make the tape move! Yes! I’ve changed the batteries!
CD player The door does not open. motor runs.

Other (mechanical, gluing, sharpening, furniture)

Seiko watch, with sun and moon Even though it has a new battery it doesn’t seem to work.
Three kitchen knives Zwilling/Henckels need sharpening. Sharpening a Chef knife, a paring knife and a boning knife.
Garden sheers, small Need to be sharpened.
Bullet trash can, metal The part you push in to put the trash in broke off
Update: will not be coming. Bicycle Rack that hangs on the rear of a car Strapping is worn out. One broke off. I need to replace strapping.