March 2 – Sherwood Library

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Repair Fair @ Sherwood Public Library

time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

address: 22560 SW Pine Street, Sherwood, OR 97140



Volunteers for the day

Registration table and running event:

Heather, Jane V, Valerie S, Robin C


Kat: Sewing/mending; jewelry

Mitch: Repair electronics (DVD player, CD player, radio, watches, etc), Repair computer, mobile devices (software), Repair computer, mobile devices (hardware)

Jim C: Small appliances, microwaves, limited floor care, lamps, etc.

Ryan S: Repair electronics (DVD player, CD player, radio, watches, etc), Repair computer, mobile devices (hardware), Larger Appliances

Items that have been signed up for repair

Off lite floor lamp 13 watts
The electrical plug needs to be replaced
Toaster Cuisineart CPT-160

the handle came off; there don’t seem to be missing pieces; tried to repair by opening up and reinserting handle but keeps coming back out
Hair dryer Studio 35 SWDR5970
works but doesn’t get hot anymore
I have 2 electric tall tower fans that sit on a pedestal. They work just fine but the plastic base has come apart and it won’t stand up properly. I think they just need to be glued with strong glue. glue and clap the base
Panasonic CD Stereo System Model SC-PM193
CD drawers do not open. 1 cd is stuck inside. Radio tuner does not work properly, but radio can be heard. Cassette player does work.
My scissors need to be sharpened
SoFro Sewing Machine model 115V? approximately 20 years old backstitch wheel is stuck
Battery operated candle
The candle worked great until my daughter dropped it. Now won’t work at all even after replacing batteries.
Cloud b ladybug stars night light

It used to light up solid for the 45 min but is now only blinking about every 5 seconds on and off. Replaced the batteries to no avail
Diamondback bike
Brakes aren’t working good and tire is flat
Nashiki bicycle
Pedal came off. Not working right
Cheese slicer

Wire needs to be replaced. I have the wire.
Sony 5-disc CD/DVD player, MN DVP-NC665P
Does not power up. Could not find a fuse or obvious sign of problem when I opened case.
Small Black & Decker Convection Oven (1 yr. old – seldom used)
Will not start when plugged in
Kenmore sewing machine- model 158 15252

Tension needs adjusting. Top is fine, underside is jumbled and overlaps itself.