Jul 27 – Oregon City

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Repair Fair @ Oregon City Public Library

time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

facebook event

address: 606 John Adams St, Oregon City

PRE-REGISTER YOUR ITEMS (recommended, but not required)

Volunteers Signed up

General Repair

  • Jim
  • Hugh
  • Paul


  • Mary
  • Cris
  • Irma


  • Carol

Master Recycler volunteers

  • Tracy
  • Liane
  • Karen

Items Currently Pre-Registered

Kitchaid mixer heavy duty

Gear was stripped while mom was cleaning and accidentally turned on with attachments in bowl. I have new parts, have assembled twice but can’t seem to get gears to line up properly to spin. Assembly is greasy and very messy. I’m willing to be coached through fix to keep your hands clean. I just can’t see paying for another one of these if it can be fixed.

Fixer notes: make sure to bring the parts and we’ll check it out.

Landline phone

Not clear reception. Other party can hear me fine. I can hear the caller but heavy static sound and muffled.

Fixer notes: inquiring with fixers. 

Sewing Machine

The thread is bunching up on the bottom size of the fabric whenever I try to sew any type of fabric.

Fixer Notes: I think between the people sewing and people fixing machines, we can figure this out.

Gold chain


Fixer Notes: our ability to fix this depends on how it’s broken. If this is a nice piece of jewelry, you may want to take it to a professional. 

small food processor

It does not “chop/puree” when pressing the top. The problem seems to be in the individual buttons on top.

Fixer Notes: We’ll check it out.


watch band needs “links” taken out so it fits around the wrist. It is too big.

Fixer Notes: depends on our tools and the construction of the watch. We can check it out.

Jogging stroller

Blown out tires, my husband tried to fix previously. I think the inner & put tubes might be punctured?

Fixer Notes: sounds like it would need a very specific tubes. If you buy and bring them, we can put them in.

Ottlite floor lamp not sure of the model but it is an early version from the early 2000s

The outlet plug got smashed. The cord is in great shape. It needs a new plug.

Fixer Notes: Sounds like something we can fix. We may or may not have the right part. You can bring in a new part, or we can advise you on what you need, you can go to the store and bring it back for us to install. 

Kitchen Aid Mixer (old)

Still getting power to the motor but the beater doesn’t move around

Fixer Notes: We’ll check it out.