Looking for a power cord replacement for Braun immersion blender

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Susan Bliss asked 2 years ago

The blender is model MR 5550 CA, Type 4191. The code on the damaged power cord is: hsing csa spt-2 LL38816 18AWGX2C FT2 LF
Does anyone know where I could obtain an appropriate replacement? I put the cord number into Google, but many websites came up, all with hundreds of different power cords. I do not know which numbers are relevant.  Thanks for any help with this.


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Travis Holland answered 2 years ago

Is the cord hardwired to the blender body, or does it plug in? If it’s fixed and there’s no specific plug shape you’re looking for, then any similar cord with equal or larger wires should do for replacement, I believe.

Susan Bliss answered 2 years ago

ImmersionBlender1 IMG_7232 IMG_7227The cord is attached to the motor inside the blender body. I assume it is hard wired, but I do not want to open the body myself to verify. What do you mean by “any similar cord with equal or larger wires”? The power cord is routed through a sleeve that enters the body, and I assume any new cord would have to fit through that sleeve. I would send a photo but none that I could find on line show the spot where cord enters the body or the cord itself. I took my own photo, but I can’t insert it on this form. Thank you for your help.

Richard answered 2 years ago

The important number in that wire cord designation “hsing csa spt-2 LL38816 18AWGX2C FT2 LF”
is “18AW”. That being the gauge of the wire in the cord and therefore the amount of current the wire can handle. So go to the hardware store and buy a replacement cord of the length you desire and at least 18 AWG (American wire gauge). It’s probably best to get exactly that gauge since larger (Smaller number, e.g. 14 AWG) might be too big to fit into the blender and of course you don’t want a smaller gauge (Bigger number, e.g. 20 AWG) because it would overheat. Yes the wire is bigger the smaller the number. Just one of the many dumb things about wire sizing. Don’t get me started about plumbing sizes!

Travis Holland answered 2 years ago

Thanks, Richard!
I appreciate you offering a more practical and intelligible answer than I could. Even still, if she had shown up with some massive cable rated for an arc welder, I could’ve shoehorned that sucker in!

Susan Bliss answered 2 years ago

Thank you all. I was able to find an 18 gauge wire with plug, as you recommended. The only challenge now will be to open the little blender and find the connection! I guess I’ll have to wait till February. 

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