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Three Repair Fairs close out 2017

Let’s talk Repair Fairs! There were 3 great ones to close out 2017. It is hard to believe it has almost been 3 years since the first one in 2015. At the December Robinhood Station Repair Fair in West Linn

West Linn Repair Fair Recap

On Saturday, September 23rd, 45 people brought 55 things to Robinwood Station in hopes that the ten volunteers with Repair Fair-West Linn could help fix them. These items – electric fans, lamps, sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, jewelry, clothing, fabric purses

A glimpse of the past through a 1953 Zenith

It is always interesting to see the various things that come to Repair Fair. Among the vacuums, irons, blenders and clothing, people also bring in items from a much earlier era filled with family history. Earlier this year, Richard worked

3-D printing gives repair a boost

Have you ever tried to fix something, a coffee maker or a piece of furniture, only to find the item is perfectly fine except for one small part. But finding replacement parts seems to be mission impossible these days. Often

Espresso machines, cuckoo clocks and buttons, Oh My! Repair Fair Recap – June 18 @ Hillsboro Library

First, the numbers! About 32 people brought in 51 items for repair.  More than half of those left fixed or “in progress”.  Thank you to the Hillsboro Library for hosting us in the big room. Repair of the day I

Repair Fair at the ReStore

Hot dog! More than 60 items were brought in for repair at the May Repair Fair. A new record. We saw space heaters, vacuums, lamps, clocks, toaster ovens and lots of clothing. Our 12 energetic volunteers made it all happen

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West Linn Repair Fair

What happens when someone thinks Repair Fair is cool and wants one in their community? They make it happen (with a little help from friends, of course!).  Lisa, a Master Recycler in Clackamas County, heard about Repair Fair and thought

October and November Event Recap

The October Repair Fair at the Garden Home Sustainability Fair was a blast.  Volunteers saw to 26 items and successfully fixed 16 of them with a few others in progress. Check out photos from the event. Thank you to all

Visit Repair Fair at the Garden Home Sustainability Fair

Saturday, October 17th 11 am – 2 pm 7475 SW Oleson Rd

What is a Repair Fair?

Repair Fairs are events where volunteers with “fixing” skills help others fix broken items. You may have also heard them called fix-it clinics or Repair Cafes. The volunteers may be able to repair small appliances like blenders or coffee makers,